Dont Mess!
Sunday, May 18, 2008

I shall begin with how my room is in DIRE need of cleaning. clothes are EVERYWHERE , papers are flying. its really Really bad. theres only enough walkin space from my bed to the door, from the door to the mirror/my cupboard.

I dont know how i got so lazy. actually i do. I have become a BUM!

haha not that I am complaining.

And really increasingly weak willpower. to clean, do the dishes, my laundry, blah and blah.

anyways, i did my first buy online from ebay. Victoria's Secret bag and a Victoria Secret's top!

boy i was SO excited to get it thru mail.. i was like checking it everyday.

my materialistic desires have jus become more urm, let's say, extensive.

I keep shoppin. the atm card is evil. i should have just politely declined my dad's offer to open up a bank account .

Yes yes, i have had a new haircut. Honestly, I have heard good and bad. All of my life, I have heard pretty hilarious stuff about my hair. (when i was growin up that is)

and u know what, I really laugh when people dont like my hair or give me really crude comments. because I dont care. And I have seriously come to realise and acknowledge that those who dislike this, are more of the conservative typical people who think a girl should have orderly hair. (which is rebonded straight long hair, black, else dark brown)

Please lar,I am as indian as I can be. I dont dismiss my Indian-ness. But I certainly am different.

:) From you , you and YOU.

And honeys, I dont expect those bunch of you to appreciate style anyways.

But, I have had my fair share of good compliments. Thankew very much.

I will enjoy this as much as I can.

Till my curls creep up and frizz the hair of course.

alrights, i shall post up soon enough.


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