Dont Mess!
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Am i not allowed to feel pain?

Dont I need a hug, a shoulder to cry on?

Selfish selfish selfish.
ego .

words . really unnecessary.

u forgot . ur pauses . ur hesitance. so much for goin thru thick and thin.

why is it an excuse for all of you. its so SELFISH.

and you. after all we shared, u killed everythin.
sad i understand, ur angst i understand, but hate?
every SINGLE damn thing crumbled.

I DONT PROMISE what i cant deliver.
you DID. you said EVERYTHIN. and of course, YOU turn the arrow to me.

yes, lets all do the EASIER thing.
blame the other one, get angry, put our pride before every fucken goddamn emotion , be selfish, be alone.

u know the one common thing between the two of you?

u both taught me to NEVER give my trust ever.
i gave all , i dared to.
i will never , and i dont think i can henceforth.
back to square one.

for real.

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