Dont Mess!
Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I m tired. after dance. dance class.
yes yes for the production comin up soon.

other than that, I am flying off to Bangkok. Sat 31 to Tues 03.

After that would be to Hongkong again!

Argh. Everytime i Go overseas, camera screws up on me.
Canada, I used a normal non-digital camera. so the photos are in print. and i m REALLY lazy to scan them. Theere are really quite alot. and yes, as u might have realised, the quality isnt that fantastic. But i have gorgeous shots of snow and beautiful frosted trees.

And the first trip to Hongkong, the pics are jus missing!
I really dono where the F they are. tried searching and i presume i must have lost them in the process of losing my computer.

Alright, besides that, the chummy buddies checkin on me every now and then. THANK GOD for you all lar!
i really DO love u guys.
Alright, besides the emo, I need the break. away......

And yes , I really need to learn to save. LIKE SERIOUSLY.
I realised, that I am extremely spoilt and I really spend money like water. And I am always lookin for nonsense to buy. that half of which I am not using, and its jus staring at me in its plastic cover, or hidden somewhere dusty and musky .
I am gettin increasingly petrified at my management of finances, what with the holidays all comin up and the compelling need to buy buy buy . everythin is on a god damn sale.

TSK. I fear. and really, online shopping CAN get pretty daymn addictive. My new laptop is growin onto me( yes yes , my sony oh-so-gorgeous vaio brown lizard) i have a penchant for reptiles. lizards, snakes, dragonnnnns. Hah.

and the damn POSB card. I should have NOT relented to my father's requests to gettin me one.. I am never gettin a VISA or a debit card. Please do slap me if I ever do.

And I am getting HELL lot of cravings these days.

Alright, toodles. I need orange juice. And i m runnin off in my PJs to get 'um

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